Give hope to women through the Tabitha Center.

Engage Burkina was made aware of a community center being run by local leaders. Previously, the Tabitha Centre had dwindled to about eight members, with the principal function of making dolls. In 2012-2013, Engage Burkina was able to come alongside local leaders and the Tabitha Centre went through a period of reorganization and focus. It now continually serves its capacity of fifty of women, maintaining a waiting list. Based on capacity, the Centre is open to any woman who lives in the community and has a mix of religious beliefs: Muslim, Catholic, Pentecostal, and Protestant.

The women of the Tabitha Center are single due to a variety of circumstances and need your help to provide for themselves and their children. They need assistance learning skills that create an empowered, sustainable, lifestyle. Each session at the Tabitha Centre is opened with a devotional and prayer time, and new projects such as jewelry design, beads made out of magazine pages, soap, cards and cloth purses have been introduced. The quality of all of the items continually improves.


Support the women of Tabitha Centre by buying products that help give them a sustainable life.

Women make these lovely bracelets
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