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If you have been supporting and partnering with Engage Burkina for a short while or many years, you know that Burkina Faso is fighting against acts of violence and terrorism like never before. Large portions of the country are under a national ‘State of Emergency’ and other travel restrictions.

One of the consequences of this struggle has become the displacement of nearly 240,000 people as of December 2018. Many of these people are coming to the capital city of Ouagadougou. The city’s resources have become overwhelmed. ‘Ouaga’ is the only capital city in the world without a natural water source. It already has fewer resources than its residents require in the areas of food, water, sanitation, and housing. on the outskirts of the city and sleeping on the ground. Of course, this includes thousands of children.

At Engage Burkina, we continue to:
Provide clean water through drilled, or hand-dug, wells,
Support Pastors and build churches,
Provide grain and a mobility solution to the physically disabled,
Expand access to education.

Recently, Pastors on the ground reported many more people drinking from unsanitary, stagnant water. In the past, we have seen people in need to use the same water source for multiple uses; including bathing and caring for their animals.

$40 will allow us to purchase a water filter from ‘Filter of Hope’. This ‘10 Year’ filter can purify 150 gallons a day and removes all bacteria, protozoa, and microorganisms. It requires no electricity or batteries. It is EPA tested and surpasses U.S. Drinking water standards.

We want to invite you to partner with us to respond uniquely during this challenging season.

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