Burkina Faso needs a miracle, and only God can make it happen.

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In recent years the country of Burkina Faso has experienced an increase in violence and acts of terrorism. Burkina Faso has been recognized as the fastest growing humanitarian crisis in Africa in 2019. Currently, over 765,000 people are displaced as a result of the terrorist attacks. This number will go as high as 900,000 in the coming year. Many refugees are coming to the capital city of Ouagadougou, which already has significant challenges to its infrastructure. Men and women and children have been pushed from their homes in one of the harshest climates on earth.

Terrorist acts have targeted schools and teachers leaving 330,000 children without access to education in a country where education is already far too limited.

A country that is already listed as one of the poorest in the world is now said to be encountering a further ‘hunger crisis’ by the United Nations.

In recent months Churches of all denominations are being specifically targeted and attacked, including during hours of worship.

On the whole, very few people in the world are aware of Burkina and the struggles that this nation is enduring.

We are calling believers and churches everywhere to ‘PrayStrong’ for Burkina Faso.

What does it mean to Pray Strong?

To pray strong is to pray with focused intensity for God to answer prayer and to move in power in specific ways.

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