Physical and Spiritual Water

Drilling for Clean Water

Drilling for Clean WaterThis group of hardworking, generous men spent a week out drilling wells for people who need access to clean water. They worked long days, sleeping on camp cots, setting up and tearing down camp, moving to four different villages and providing four successful wells to the thirsty.

They also took care of John while he had malaria on that last day of drilling. This last well was the toughest and came about when the men were already tired from three days of hard drilling.

They¬†drilled in mud, and by the day’s end just lifting the shovels and their feel out of the sticky mud became a chore. But not only did they not quit, but they went back to work after supper when they were so tired they could barely move to complete the well. They worked until close to midnight pushing through exhaustion and physical discomfort until they completed the work.¬†

They came back to the city exhausted but still smiling through the aches and pains, rested up for one day before heading back to the US again.

These local workers, nationals, and US team members spent a week doing Kingdom work! What a privilege to be a part of all of this! Come and join in the hard work and fun! We have plenty of work to do……

These wells are always drilled where they will support the work of Christ, either on church properties, or properties where schools or other ministries are a part of the National Church and its ministries. While the men were drilling the local pastors and believers are witnessing to and evangelizing their own people.

The drilling not only improves the health of the people in each village, but they are also the open door to sharing the gospel, to giving out of living water to the lost.