Hand Dug Well:  $2,200.00

Placing a Hand Dug Well on our store page gives you, your family, or your Church or Business the opportunity to fully sponsor a Hand Dug well in a village. We will send you a picture and some reporting when your well is complete.


In an effort to help provide clean water to villages we seek to do so through one of two solutions. The first is a hand dug well. Also referred to as a 'seasonal aquafor' these are accomplished when you dig down far enough to find water during the dry season (January - May). Funds go to our Burkinabe partners pay those that have dug, create a concrete sleeve on the inside of the well, provide a cap for security, and construct the well on a raised platform to prevent contamination from wandering wildlife. Our partners also provide basic sanitation training to the local village and train a group of villagers to continue to ensure quality control.

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