Children in a school


By engageburkina | Feb 24, 2014

We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight one of our partners and give you a creative way that you can help the people of Burkina Faso. Clean water, education for children, and opportunities for women are huge needs. One Student Pastor has given us a great idea on how to make a difference. Grain…

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Village Well


By engageburkina | Feb 17, 2014

She had been in school the morning we came to her village on a trip assessing the water needs in some of the most untouched villages in Burkina Faso. There is easily 75-100 children in her elementary classroom. When she gets thirsty she doesn’t go ask her teacher if she can go get a drink…

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Children smiling


By engageburkina | Feb 16, 2014

Over the last couple of years our work in Burkina Faso has benefitted a great deal from people going to their employers to ask about matching funds. In many cases it works like this; if you as an employee donate to a nonprofit, your business will donate money back to the same nonprofit (Engage Burkina)…

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The children


By wpengine | Feb 15, 2014

Throughout this year we not only want to give you regular updates of some of the work that is happening, but let you know of some ways that you can continue to partner with us to make a difference in Burkina Faso. So many people don’t even know where Burkina Faso is. That was true…

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